S-3.high-tech club, nanjing2004

设计时间:2001.09 - 2003.07



International Club of the Nanjing Hi-Tech District

Location: Hi-Tech District, Pukou, Nanjing
Design: 2001.09 - 2003.07
Completion: 2005.12
Building area: 14600 
The International Club was originated as a service center in the Hi-Tech district of Nanjing, in order to provide services for the experts, investors, and visitors who would temporarily work and stay in this industry park. The building site actually was a slop running down 8 meters from north to south till an artificial pond, and with two small narrow hills on both sides, all of which constituted an intimate and scenic environment for the club building. This multi-use project has several proposed functions, including a 60-rooms hotel, a 300-persons conference center, restaurants, a bath center and swimming pool, and KTV resorts. Altogether it would be a building amount to 15000 square meters total floor area, a huge volume for the original nature site.

In order to preserve the natural features of the site, and present a symbolic vision for the Hi-Tech district, which was still a dull and dreary area on the northern suburb of Nanjing, several possible schemes were studied, and a semi-buried building according to the topography in a zigzag shape was chosen as a final result.

An important transformation was made during the midterm of design, which converted the two solid strips into voids, one for a cascaded waterway and the other for bamboo planted courtyards. The rooms of various functions will be laid along these two gardenesque canyons. The roof surface was paved with grass blocks and connected with the lawn slop of both sides, thus to give as fewer impacts as possible to the surrounding environment.

Some dinning rooms and conference rooms were distributed in the void strips, letting people to enjoy the magic effect presented by the canyon space. Several corridors have made the roof surface connected, and guaranteed the continuity of the activities on the ground level. Some of the mechanical rooms wrapped in metal mesh were also placed in between the strips. They could be the elements for this landscape building, and release the indoor space more flexible for usage in the future.