设计时间:2014.01 - 2016.12
建筑面积:11000 平方米
基地面积:29100 平方米
一号码头基地位于滴水湖环湖西北侧绿地中。基地北侧是规划中的商务楼地块,地铁出入口距离基地100 米左右。因此,该码头及其周边绿地在未来除了需要成为一处重要的交通设施外,还需要为周边地区提供一处非常重要的滨水公共节点。综合考虑各种场地设计条件及建筑功能要求,设计方案提出建筑与景观地形整体设计,但在结构上彼此保持独立的设计概念。即在整体场地上为码头及周边地区提供一片绿树成荫、环境宜人的公共绿化空间,同时也将码头配套建筑以地景的方式展现在滨湖一侧。既可以在外观上形成与湖景匹配的效果,也能够进一步形成可容纳活动及易于停留的空间场所。

Dishui Lake Terminal 1 and the Park Area

Location: DSH-H1-1-12 Parcel, Lingang New Town, Pudong District, Shanghai
Design: 2014.01 - 2016.12
Completion: In Construction
Building area: 11000 
Site area: 29100 
The base of Dishui Lake Terminal 1 is located in the green are on the northwest side of the lake. Its northern side is the planned commercial building block, and the subway entrance and exit are about 100 meters away. Therefore, besides becoming an important transportation facility in the future, the terminal and its surrounding green space were also aimed to become a very important waterfront public node for the surrounding area.
Considering various site design conditions and architectural functional requirements, the design views the architectural and landscape topography as a whole, yet maintains an independent design concept in terms of structure. Thus, the wharf and the surrounding areas will turn into a green, tree-lined, and pleasant public green space. Also, the wharf supporting buildings will become part of the lakeside in the way of the landscape. It is possible to make effects matching the lake scenery and to form a space that can accommodate activities and be easy to stay.
The building is linearly laid out along the lake in the base, with a mesh structure that maximizes the space under a porous green roof. Since the project locates in the coastal area, the design adopts the reinforced concrete structure to withstand erosion from the sea breeze. Therefore, the entire building will be laid out in a short span of about 6 meters but provide a wide-angle view for visitors. In addition to minimizing the interference of the component size on the line of sight through the bracing and brackets, the ceiling lighting wells and the roof greening tree pool are also taken into consideration. Therefore, a kind of indoor and outdoor space communication is constructed, and the viewing effect can be integrated into the horizontal direction.