COFCO Warehouse Reconstruction

Location: Qiantan Riverside Green Space, Pudong District, Shanghai
Design: 2014.5
Completion: -
Floor area: 4975 sqm
The foreshore in Pudong, Shanghai is one of the few undeveloped areas along the Huangpu River in the central city, and the location of the COFCO warehouse will be transformed into an important waterfront greenbelt in the future. In the planning programs to be implemented, the four warehouses in the COFCO will be retained and closely integrated with the construction of the green landscape, which will become an important cultural and leisure facility in the Qiantan Riverside. In order to create a more complex and efficient, vivid and interesting space experience, the architectural design considers the indoor space of four storehouses and the cross-shaped outdoor space between them, allowing the indoor and outdoor spaces to be combined with each other. At the same time, maintaining the more regular physical features of the exterior, and the spatial pattern inside is adjusted appropriately so that the space multiplicity is more abundant.

Since the function of COFCO warehouse has not been determined at present, in order to realize the coordination between the whole order and the multivariate change, the design scheme adopts the standardized vertical gable roof truss structure. While maintaining the regularity of the column in the horizontal direction, the longitudinal span is adjusted with the shape of the building, in order to achieve the goal of complex modeling through a simple structure. At the same time, in order to ensure the flexibility of future use, the design scheme is divided twice in the vertical gable roof truss structure. This allows the large truss and the hut to form multiple combinations to meet the needs of different situations in the future. According to the needs of different parts of space, function, streamline and other factors, the corresponding form adjustments are made to ensure that the same spatial structure is adopted to meet the diversified space use requirements.