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设计时间:2015.03 - 2015.08
上海西岸TM Studio工作室位于徐汇滨江的西岸艺术中心北侧,与致正、大舍、高目、创盟等建筑设计事务所以及其他一些艺术机构共同形成西岸文化艺术示范区。由于周边其他一些设计机构已经先期启动方案设计,TM Studio工作室决定采用较为经济、轻质、便捷的轻钢结构进行建造,因此也采用同样的方式进行设计。

根据最终确定基地所处的环境条件,TM Studio将按照南北长向进行布局,南部为局部二层,北侧为一层。为了在有限范围内尽量加大室内空间的进深感,方案设计在一层空间进行整体考虑,在纵向采取转折处理,不仅在左右两侧都有伸缩退让,而且顶棚与地面也进行了曲折变化,在室内空间获得周回曲折的变化效果的同时,将厕所、储藏等辅助空间兼容进去。更为重要的是,空间形式处理与结构布局方式进行了有机结合,钢结构桁架的使用与空间转折形式互为因果关系,从而达到形式、结构与功能的完美合成。
TM Studio West Bund

Location: West Bund Culture and Art Pilot Zone, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Design: 2015.03 - 2015.08
Completion: 2015.09
Building area: 180 
TM Studio in Shanghai West Bund, located on the north side of the West Bund Art Center of Xuhui Riverside, forms the West Bund Culture and Art Demonstration Zone together with architectural design firms such as Zhizheng, Dashe, Gaomu, Chuangmeng, and other art
institutions. Since some other design agencies around the world have already started the design of their projects and focused on a more economical, lightweight, and convenient light steel structure, TM Studio decided to join them and behave in the same way. According to the final determination of the environmental conditions of the base, the project will be laid out according to the north-south direction, with the southern part being the second floor and the north side being the first floor.
To maximize the depth of the interior space within a limited range, the plan is considered as a whole in the space of the first floor, and the turning process is taken in the longitudinal direction. In this way, not only will the left and right sides have retractable concessions, but the roof and the ground will also articulate tortuous changes. Since the indoor spaces will be affected by twists and turns of the cycle, auxiliary spaces, such as toilets and storage rooms, are compatible. Furthermore, the spatial form processing and the structural layout method are organically combined, and the use of the steel structure truss and the spatial transition forms are mutually causal, thereby achieving a perfect synthesis of form, structure, and function.