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设计时间:2015.01 - 2016.08
"衡复微空间 URBANCROSS Gallery",位于东湖路、新乐路、长乐路、富民路、延庆路的交汇口,原先为一家轮胎店,常因汽车维修、护理而占据街道空间,导致周边环境的拥塞紊乱。这一面积仅有 20 平方米的底层空间经过微创调整,连同周边菜场、居民楼的立面修缮,形成一个位于徐汇区衡复风貌区内的微型网络节点。

"衡复微空间 URBANCROSS Gallery",既是一个地处城市交叉路口的实体展示空间,也是一个连接线上媒体的可视信息平台。通过多媒体的展示和多元化的内涵,这一综合性的微型空间可以用于展现衡复历史风貌区的历史风貌、人文气息、社会脉动,形成历史与当代、人文与社会、个体与社会的积极互动,并带动当地社区文化的丰富和发展,从而促进综合性的城市有机更新。

"衡复微空间 URBANCROSS Gallery"虽然是一个物质性更新的案例,但是通过线上线下的互动方式,却可以带动城市更新的新模式。通过综合性、即时性、参与性的运作方式,不仅使得城市交集空间成为一个城市历史、社会、文化的聚焦点,同时能够通过多重网络模式,链接衡复历史风貌区内的众多历史文化资源,通过广大市民的互动性参与,不断丰富完善历史风貌特征,促进多元公共艺术的融合。

"衡复微空间 URBANCROSS Gallery"的空间改造,不仅是城市物质环境的更新,更重要的是其空间内涵的更新。城市交集的物质空间虽然微小,然而一旦与一个巨大的网络信息平台结合到一起,就可以将在此处集聚的内容进行更加广泛的传播,同时结合衡复历史风貌区中的众多微小节点,使之互联成为一个整体,带动整个地区的城市保护与更新工作,促进社会性参与和持续性发展。

Location: 37 Donghu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Design: 2015.01 - 2016.08
Completion: 2017.10
Building area: 20 ㎡
"URBANCROSS Gallery" is an alternative multifunctional space within the Hengfu historic district, located at the intersection of Donghu Road, Xinle Road, Changle Road, Fumin Road, and Yanqing Road. It is part of our neighborhood renovation project in the Xuhui District, Shanghai.
Land reformation in the past decades has weakened the idea of community and neighborhood. Along with the surge of real estate development, old residential neighborhoods are facing either dilapidation or large-scale redevelopment. Under this circumstance, the neighborhoods find themselves burdened by fragmented urban space which is situated between property lines and lack of stewardship. The storefront of 37 Donghu Road was a typical fragment left out by new development. It was previously a tire store; whose bustling car maintenance business used to occupy the street corner and bring traffic congestions for the surrounding neighborhoods.
Facing these challenges, we proposed an alternative solution towards urban renewal, i.e., inserting a hotspot with public programs. As the architects of this spatial transformation, we are also the designers of the new programs. After a well-thought-through remodeling of this
20-square-meter storefront on the ground floor, we created this gallery as a "node" of micro-networks in the historic Xuhui district. We envisioned the space as a window. On the one hand, grounded in the neighborhood, URBANCROSS can efficiently crosslink the historical,
cultural, and social perspectives of Hengfu and present them to a broader community. On the other hand, the locals could glance at the outer world through its diversified curatorial practice and creative display strategies. Moreover, through the participation of the public, it encourages dialogues across geographic and disciplinary boundaries.
URBANCROSS Gallery is a physical exhibition space located at the main intersection of Hengfu as well as an online information platform. It is beyond just the neighborhood’s focal point. It is also the cities’ frontage of its renewal processes. It is not only a hinge of historical and cultural resources in the region but a hub of innovative ideas in art and architecture.