如果从项目的识别性和意图上来考量,那么就没有比一个引人注目的建筑或者一个生机盎然的场景更加好的了。 基于对传统建筑的印象和记忆,这座入口处的可能用作茶室的建筑被设计成了一个镶有长条木窗的青砖构成的匣子。建筑的立面可以根据使用情况发生改变。


Suquan Yuan Restaurant

Location: No.711 Shiquan Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
Design: 2004.05-2006.07
Completion: 2007.02
Floor area: 5613 sqm

Suquan Yuan is a redevelopment project which was planned to turn a huge parking space previously served for a tourism company into shopping and resort areas.

There were two challenging points for this project: one is the bottlenecked entrance which is only 6 meters in contrast to the big compound inside. Although it was quite appropriate for safeguarding and managing reasons, it would be very disadvantageous for a commercial space which was segregated from the street front.

The other is the uncertainty of the uses of the project. Like most speculative developments, it is almost impossible to have a final user or definite functional purposes for the building during the design process.

If we consider the problem of identity and indication for the project, nothing could be better than a building as an impressive sign or a lively scene for the whole site. Based on the impressions and memories on local traditional architecture, the entrance club, which is supposed to be a coffee shop, was designed as a dark-brick box inserted with a wooden box, long windows of which could be opened and closed according to the interior using conditions.

It will be a pure box of light and shadows, materials and patterns. Also, the structure is simple to follow DOMINO diagram, the spaces inside are distinguished as served area and servant rooms. It will be a box which could accommodate uncertain further users. It will be a stage anticipating occupation of future events.